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Howard at the beginning of section III after a dunk

Howard at the beginning of section III after a dunk, Gasol also jump shot hit, Lakers leading 63-46. In leading the Lakers to relax, Tan Pu Darfur hits three points, wall fast break dunk, a wheel cent of counterattack waves for the wizards to 7-0. The Lakers following a suspension of attacks still do not improve, Serafin jump shot hit twice, wizards to 57-63. Nash hit three points, Howard bothering dribblers and the hand, the nike free powerlines Lakers leading again in the double digits. But in the last 3 minutes of the Lakers attacked another misfire, defensive gaps, wall single scored 6 points, Trevor Ariza contributed 5 points their team to fight back seeking to put an end to this section of the 11-2, 72-74 behind three wizards to 2 points. Antawn Jamison, a sprained right wrist, x-rays will be accepted after the match.

Since the February 6 after a torn Plantar fascia, Gasol been ruled out 20 games in a row, the Lakers made 13-7 record during this period. Even today, his official comeback, it was that he came from a 45-day play again. So far this season, Gasol has been ruled out in 33 games, missed 8 knee inflammation because the concussion missed 5 field. It is the absence of competition among his career up to that season, 2004-05 season when Grizzlies, he had been ruled out in 26 games. Lakers coach Dantoni wants Gasol first nike footscape free alternate, and then with the restoration of the State, and then let it return to the starting lineup, but he temporarily changed his mind before game, Gasol starting debut today. It is worth mentioning that, this is the season the Lakers five Tigers (Nash, Howard and Bryant, and Gasol, and Tsu WPI) while starting six in the army, it is not easy, because there are too many injury.

At first, the Lakers to acquire leading edge, however Volvo’s continuous attacks, the Lakers ‘ defensive shortcomings show, one is eating away at every step, in the fourth section, Prodigy is completed one. Bryant suffered a setback, end of the first three sections, he sent out 6 errors. But the team is in a critical situation, Bryant had to come out and he into the basket, causing opponents foul, but he feels is trapped in a certain amount of struggle, competition became Agglutination, and younger brother Trevor Ariza before today’s fabulous performance, creating a lot of pressure to Bryant’s defense. Distal 3 minutes 43 seconds left, is Trevor Ariza’s three points, help wizards again one would score 2 points, 94-92!

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