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Le Blanc led heat team the past week got 4 WINS

Le Blanc led heat team the past week got 4 WINS 0 negative results and extend their winning streak to 26 consecutive victories, which is the second longest consecutive victories in NBA history, second only to the 1971-72 season, the Lakers got 33 consecutive victories. General farm 30.8 points, 10 assists and 8.8 rebounds, 2.5 steals and 2 caps, 59% hits. Local time March 20 heat team reversion in 27 points behind to defeat nike free powerlines Cavs game, Le Blanc received the fourth of the season three two-25 points (distal segment, 14 min), 12 rebounds and 10 assists. On March 18 heat team reversion 17 points behind victory over Celtic, his team high 37 points and 12 assists, this is Le Blanc was elected player of the week for the sixth time this season.

Cannot say that heat team 26 consecutive victories is not dramatic, they showed last week than 1971-72 more interesting when the Lakers made 33 consecutive victories of the season (they were only two games NET win 6 points or less). Reversal is the fourth section of the heat team 13 points behind against Celtic, Cleveland reversed 27 WINS, against the Charlotte Bobcats reversal had 11 points. Of course, the last nike footscape free may not be rocket science. Comeback of Parker, a total of 45 points in two games, 28 shooting, but in game against jueshidui and the rockets, the Spurs score for each round is suppressed below the 1. Visit Houston on Monday after the defeat, spurs the race became serious over the next 11 days, they will encounter on this list of the top six teams in the other five.

When half of the third section, close range shot hit James, heat is also leading 68-61. Heat some effect that, failed to score for nearly 4 minutes. Magic play a wave of 7-0, in the Nielsen vote after three minutes, score 68-68. James strong hit two consecutive, a dunk and a “three minutes”, lead heat back. Heat wave of 10-0 the end of this section, heat 78-68 regain the advantage. During those attacks, James scored 7 points and assists 1. The fourth section was less than 3 minutes, heat winner out of suspense. This section when you have four minutes 10 seconds, Cole after the break through to the basket, turn one ‘ s face lift the ball, James followed up, across the air relay Oudry storm buckle. Allan vote after three minutes, sent James miaochuan, throw the ball in one hand, Anderson Alley OOP dunk. Heat to 88-70 opened the gap.

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