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Shortly after the beginning of the second

Shortly after the beginning of the second section within the wall and jump shot hit within, wizards team close the gap. Clarke, who had 5 points help Lakers hold both teams started a round of tug-of-war, Blake was a three, Bryant’s jump shot hit, Lakers when leading 52-36 3 minutes before halftime. Webster’s third, antawn Jamison and Howard join hands in 5 minutes, the Lakers extended advantage. Weibositekong nike free run 3 dame dunk, wizards behind at half time to 41-57. Howard’s first half of the Lakers got 12 points and 8 rebounds, antawn Jamison got 11 points and 4 rebounds, Bryant got 4 points and 6 assists, Gasol grab 8 rebounds; wizards Webster 10 points, 8 points, wall received 6 points and 5 assists.

Ba Dingge punches even after the beginning of the second section 7 points, Wolves team opened 20 points advantage. Two teams each for a few minutes, Baria hit three points, Wolves team leading 22 points to 46-24. Turn up the next game the two teams, delajiqi free throw misses and Suns at 5 minutes before the half nike free trainer 5.0 time to 34-52 behind. Milorad pekovic two successful Layup, his rate of teams is another small climax of the round of 8-0, opened VS team took advantage to 26 points. Delajiqi backward jump shot hit, lidenuo CIC scores Lu Biao in a 2+1, VS team at half time leading by 28 points to 67-39. VS Kirilenko the first half score 11 points and 5 rebounds, Milorad pekovic 11 points; the Suns Scola 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Due to established a double-digit lead early, Bryant can get more rest time, throughout the first half, he was in the army for 17 minutes, although not many offensive highlights (5 shooting), but he sent out 6 assists, the Lakers at the end of halftime leading 16 than into 57-41! Entered third section, Bryant still no opened skyrocketed points mode, up on continuous three times assists Howard and Gasol scored, and then he also sent out has a remember quite magic of passing, then he ball killed into to restricted area, was plugging anti-Hou, he has back with along another side plunges basket Xia of Gasol, will ball pass has out, only unfortunately Gasol wasted has great of opportunities, didn’t can will ball playing into.

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